45CM Tank

Today I just bought a new tank. I went to my favorite fish shop early this morning to buy a 45cm Gush crystal tank but unfortunately they have no stock available so I end up buying an ADA Cube Garden 45x28x30cm tank. It is thrice the price of the other tank I have initially planned for but I am so itch to start my new aquascape project so I had to take it home. The owner was generous enough to throw in a glass cover and some plastic cover holders for free.

ADA Cube Garden 45x28x30cm

Glass cover and holders free for my ADA purchase.

Unsure if my purchase was worth the money, I immediately booked a Grab and head home with my new tank.

***This is not a sponsored review. The product featured here was purchased on the author’s personal capacity. No link will be provided for product purchase.

Author: Mark Julius

I'm an extroverted - introvert. A solitary wanderer. Quiet most of the time. I think when I stare. I usually have so much to say, but only a few comes out of my mouth. In my silence, my mind is screaming.

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