Tank Spotlight: 30CM Cube Garden

30cm Cube Garden

This is my Cube Garden tank. My first high tech planted tank. I started this project September last year and it has grown to this.

Tank Specs: 30cm x 30cm x 30cm, regular glass

Lighting System: Nemolight Aquafresh 18 watts and Aquael Moonlight LED


Nemolight Aquafresh 18W

Aquael Moonlight LED 1W

CO2 System: UP Aqua A-138 1 liter, bazooka diffuser


Filter System: Eheim 150 with Gush Lily Pipes

Substrate System: Aquasoil Amazonia and Malaya

Cooling System: Chill Solutions CSXC-1


Chill Solutions CSXC-1 chiller

Hardscape: dragon rocks, tree

Flora: christmas moss on tree, anubias nana petite and riccia fluitans on dragon rock cliff, reineckii mini, japan hair grass, hydrocotyle tripartita, staurogyne repens, fissidens fontanus, hemiamthus micranthemoids, eriocaulon cinerium.

Fauna: siamese fighting fish ‘betta’, sundadanio axelrodi, pygmy corydoras, otocinclus, nerite/horned nerite, assasin snails.

Dosing System: NPK, Iron and trace


Dosing Line Up

Temperature: 26-27C

Photoperiod: 7 hours daylight with CO2.

Cube Garden on moonlight

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Author: Mark Julius

I'm an extroverted - introvert. A solitary wanderer. Quiet most of the time. I think when I stare. I usually have so much to say, but only a few comes out of my mouth. In my silence, my mind is screaming.

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