Shrimps on Planted Tank

Keeping sensitive shrimps like CRS and bee shrimps on planted tank is not that complicated…if you keep the tank simple. Choose non-demanding plants like moss. For this tank, I keep weeping moss tied to a driftwood and some christmas moss tied to mineral balls. I also have a bolbitis which is thriving in green due to the lower temperature on this tank with the installed chiller. I only dose iron every major water change, nothing else as I don’t want any water parameter change for my shrimps. Some shrimp keepers want more algae on their tank as the source of food but since this is a planted display tank, I try to keep algae to the minimum, I turn on the light only for about 3 hours at night and the rest is blue subtle light or moonlight overnight to mimic the night. This tank has virtually no algae so to make up for the limited food source for my shrimps and shrimplets, I dose bacter AE or dry biofilm or powdered spirulina every 3 days. I also added a lot of ketapang or indian almond leaves to supplement as food source and they do a pretty good job as backdrop design for my tank. It also keeps my water pH stable to 6.5 which my CRS needs to breed. To keep the water stable, I keep major water changes to the minimum of at least once per month at 15% only. Nothing more than that. I use distilled or RO water added with some liquid minerals to keep the parameters balanced. Result is a well l-balanced, low-maintenance, hassle-free shrimp and planted tank in one.

Author: Mark Julius

I'm an extroverted - introvert. A solitary wanderer. Quiet most of the time. I think when I stare. I usually have so much to say, but only a few comes out of my mouth. In my silence, my mind is screaming.

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