The Silent Air Pump

In the dead of the night, when everything is quiet, the noise on the air pump’s vibration is enough to bother my sleep.

I have 4 tanks inside my room, beside my bed. Three of which are betta tanks which are installed with sponge filters that require an air pump to be plugged in. I’m currently using a 2 outlet SunSun air pump which is subdivided into 4 sponge filters using some tee joints. But with this pump, I seldom get a good night sleep so I had to plug in some ear plugs to keep my sleep quiet.

SunSun air pump

Just today I bumped into this little guy which promises to be ‘super silent’ so I had to give it a try.

aPump Maxi

It’s called aPump Maxi by Aqualighter. I took the two-outlet air pump since I will be using it on my 3 betta tanks.

The pump is relatively small, the size of a mallow cookie. The design is sleek and small, which I think is best for nano tanks or if you don’t want too many cluttered equipments around your tank. It comes with a suction cup so you can attach it to your tank. Two hoses and air stones are provided. Other than that, nothing else. There is no turn knob, available to some air pumps, to adjust the flow rate. The pump is rated for 200L or 40G of tank with output of around 70lph. It uses only 3W of power so there is no sleepless nights over running cost as well.

Sleek, small design perfect for nano tanks
It comes with air stones and hoses
Suction cup is installed for attaching to tanks

I’ve attached it to my hoses and true to its promise, it is virtually quiet! You can hear no noise at all other than the air bubbles coming out from the sponge filters. You may still hear a little vibration if you put your ear really close to the air pump but if you are away from it, it is decently quiet. Here is the comparison video of my SunSun and the new aPump Maxi.

The only caveat is, it is relatively weak for my 4 sponge filters. I’ve noticed my air bubbles are weaker when I shifted them to this air pump. But reasonable since I’ve split both outlets into 2 to create 4 outputs. As an aeration device for smaller tanks, I think this is perfect. It is one tiny device that will keep you relax, quiet at night.

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Tank Spotlight: The Divided Tank

Last week my cube garden tank crashed so I had decommission the aquarium which I have maintained for close to 8 months. Sigh.

My Cube Garden Tank

I never liked the tank itself due to its greenish hue which makes my planted tank more green in a very unnatural way. It’s like a dull, sad planted tank especially when the high light is on.

But instead of throwing it away, I’ve decided to upgrade my two betta’s apartment, Blue and Mustard, who are both currently using their own 20x15x15 acrylic tanks.

I’ve initially planned for a transparent plastic tank divider but later on I had to top it off with another white plastic divider due to too much flaring from my two male bettas.

The acrylic tank divider is perfectly sized for my 30×30 cube tank. You just need to put in two suction cups on its two sides to hold it inside the tank.

Acrylic Tank Divider installed with 2 suction cups

Next, I added some bacteria powder to help cycle the tank although I should be having enough bacteria from the two sponge filters running on the current tanks.

Adding Nitripro Biological Bacteria

For the substrate, I decided to use basalt gravel instead of using aquasoil as I will not be planting plants for this tank.

Aquael Basalt Gravel

After pre-washing the gravel to remove the manufacturing dust, I poured in a thin layer of gravel on the two sides of my tank.

Thin layer of basalt gravel

Then I added java ferns and christmas moss and some twigs on each side of the tank.

Java ferns on the right side of the tank
Christmas moss on the left side of the tank

The not so final set up

Then I transferred the sponge filters from the existing tanks to the new divided tank.

Mustard, my active and showy betta on the right side

The tank is inside my room so i had to install a mini heater just in case the room temperature drops too low during when the AC is on at night. Bettas are tropical fish so they need warmer water temperature to make them happy.

External Eheim Filter installed

I also temporarily installed my Eheim canister filter on this tank to keep the bacteria alive in my filter while I have not set up my replacement planted tank yet for the one that crashed.

Mini heater installed at the back.
Blue, my shy velvet blue betta on the left side
The final set up

Overall, I like this tank set up a lot. It reminds me of the set up in one of the fish stores I’ve recently visited. Very neat with a really thin layer of gravel and minimal plants and hardscape.

Neat set up from fish store

45CM Tank

Today I just bought a new tank. I went to my favorite fish shop early this morning to buy a 45cm Gush crystal tank but unfortunately they have no stock available so I end up buying an ADA Cube Garden 45x28x30cm tank. It is thrice the price of the other tank I have initially planned for but I am so itch to start my new aquascape project so I had to take it home. The owner was generous enough to throw in a glass cover and some plastic cover holders for free.

ADA Cube Garden 45x28x30cm

Glass cover and holders free for my ADA purchase.

Unsure if my purchase was worth the money, I immediately booked a Grab and head home with my new tank.

***This is not a sponsored review. The product featured here was purchased on the author’s personal capacity. No link will be provided for product purchase.